Gucci Bamboo Bags: An Iconic History

Gucci Bamboo Patent Form

There are few elements of handbag history as recognizable and inventive as the curved handles of the famous Gucci Bamboo Handbags, and like innovations in every sector from astrophysics to candy-making, necessity was the mother of this particular invention. In the first of a three-part series in collaboration with Gucci, we’ll investigate the history of the company’s signature handle design and some of the famous hands that have held it since its inception.

In 1947, when the iconic Gucci bamboo handles first appeared, World War II was still in its final stages and countries the world over were rationing resources. That was especially true in Europe, where artisans at Gucci were being pressured to find materials that weren’t subject to restriction to use in their designs. Bamboo cane could still be imported from Japan, and Gucci craftsman developed a patented method to heat and bend the bamboo in such a way that it would retain its shape once cooled and affixed to a handbag.

The bamboo handles were so interesting and distinctive that the bags became an instant hit, sticking around well past the end of the war to be carried by some of the biggest celebrities and tastemakers of the 1950s and 60s. Under current Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, the iconic bamboo handles have been revived in a whole new way.

Gucci Lady Lock Handbags

Gucci Lady Lock Small Bamboo Top Handle

When I set my eyes on the Gucci Lady Lock Bags yesterday, I immediately thought of our recent discussion on carrying designer bags to the office. Although some of these bags (especially the ones with bamboo handles) are a bit recognizable, the overall look – subtle, refined, totally elegant – strikes me as one that could find itself at home in even a conservative work environment, especially in non-exotic leathers. Think of it as the kindler, gentler alternative to the Gucci Lady Buckle Bags.

After the excess of the Tom Ford era at Gucci, Frida Giannini’s story at the brand has largely been one of restraint. Especially when it comes to accessories, Giannini’s successful simmered Gucci down to its essence, using signatures like bamboo handles and horsebit hardware in ever more modern ways. Many of these bags appeared on the Gucci Fall 2013 runway, and pieces that are featured in a show generally are the ones that the designer sees as the clearest harbinger of a collection’s intentions. If that’s the case, we’re headed into an even more refined time for the brand.

The Gucci Natural Python Duffel Bag

Gucci Natural Python Duffel Bag

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it gives people permission to be impractical. Sometimes you need a pair of six-inch heels that you can’t exactly walk in or a dress that fits correctly only when you’re standing up or a maxi skirt so voluminous that it gets caught under the wheels of your desk chair at work. (That last thing? A thing that I own. And wear to work. Often. Because I can.) Fashion lets people indulge the slightly frivolous sides of themselves, and although there aren’t as many opportunities for male frivolity as female, theGucci Natural Python Duffel Bag is a strong opportunity for dudes to be a little ridiculous.

If you’ve ever had a python handbag before, you know that the material can be a little delicate. Although I trust Gucci to have treated this type of bag to make it reasonably wear-resistent, the fact remains – python just isn’t as hardy as regular cow leather. That’s ok, though, because in fashion, it doesn’t always have to be. Something can be made to be as beautiful as possible, even if it limits the items total functional usage a bit. This bag will still work just fine as a weekender, of course, but you or your dude will just have to take a little bit of extra care because of the snakeskin. For a bag this pretty, I think you can manage.

Are Hobo Bags Primed for a Comeback?

Gucci Emily Leather Hobo Bag

Remember the heyday of the hobo. Back when I first got into handbags, circa 2005, hobos were just as popular as crossbodies are today; they weren’t the flashiest It Bags on the scene, but they were the thing everyone had in their closets for when they needed to, you know, actually carry something functional. Then, of course, the era of the “optional crossbody strap” dawned, and after that, the straps weren’t so optional anymore – if you were carrying a shoulder bag, it had a long strap, with few exceptions. Trends are inevitably cyclical, though, so is it possible that hobos are ready for a comeback?

A couple of people have mentioned to me recently the idea that maybe hobos are ready to make a big splash, and I can’t help but think that I heard the same chatter a few seasons ago, to little avail. There will always be a market for hobos in the classic Gucci vein, but if women are used to having their bags a little further away from them – either crossbody or on a long shoulder strap – I doubt many will want to go back to stuffing a hobo in their armpit. (Seriously, why couldn’t those strap drops ever just be a little longer?) Every now and then, I break out a beloved Balenciaga Day Bag from 2007, but it rarely replaces my standard PS1 for more than a day or two – a longer shoulder strap just feels more modern and versatile, not to mention ideal for public transportation.

That last part is important, though. I seem to remember caring less about a bag’s structure when I drove myself everywhere, which is what the vast majority of Americans do, so my current existence in the bubble of New York City might be skewing my perception of the relative hobo-readiness of the rest of the country. At this point, I defer to you, our lovely readers: do you wish designers offered more exciting hobo options?

Gucci embraces big buckles

There are a lot of things to admire about Gucci, but today, the thing that strikes me most is the brand’s commitment to interesting hardware. Horse bits, stirrups, bamboo – the Gucci has made a legacy of adorning its bags with interesting signature metal work. For Gucci Fall 2013, the go-to piece seems to be a big, bold, rectangular buckle that’s being referred to as the Gucci Lady Buckle and is often paired with striking jaguar print. (Which simply looks like leopard to me, but sure, we’ll go with Gucci’s story on which big cat it is.)

If that look’s a bit too bold for you, you can also get the elements independently on a black leather version of the Gucci Lady Buckle Tote or a jaguar-print bamboo bag. As always, other brand staples are plentiful in the collection – lush python, logo hardware and Guccissima prints.

Gucci Leather and Raffia Holdall

Gucci Raffia and Leather Holdall

I feel like I’ve delivered the “spring is coming” message a lot over the past six weeks, and although I’m sure I sound like a broken record, this winter weather has gone on so long that I feel as though I’m repeating as much to convince myself that it’s true as to talk about spring fashion. As I write this, it’s 45 degrees in early April and I’m about to set out toward warmer climates for a bit of a vacation, but to make it this far, I’ve had to completely give myself over to the delusion (it certainly feels like a delusion) that one day, the Gucci Leather and Raffia Holdall will indeed be a weather-appropriate choice for a weekend beach trip someplace local.

Wouldn’t that be the best? Leave work early on a summer Friday to head out on a road trip with a well-appointed gent who’s hauling your bathing suits and flip-flops in a raffia keepall that looks so much more luxurious than raffia generally is. If you or your dude are the kind of people who change your weekender and travel bags with the season (lucky you), then a dark but still summer-textured option like this one is perfect; it won’t show wear like a more common light raffia, but it’s still got the feel of a tropical vacation

RuPaul Works It With a Gucci Tote Bag

RuPaul carries a Gucci logo tote bag in Beverly Hills (5)

Here’s RuPaul in Beverly Hills, sans his famous drag trappings, pairing a Gucci Logo Print Tote Bag with a fab pink two button suit and white sandals. We’re unsure as to whether this specific bag is a men’s or women’s style (judging by its size, I’m leaning towards the latter), but we doubt Ru is overly concerned either way. Gucci tends to have some of the most unisex-looking bags on the market for men. Ladies and lads alike can shop all things Gucci via Net-a-Porter.

We posited a question for dudes in our “Man Bag Monday” post last week as to whether they would carry a women’s bag. All the gentlemen who commented were huge fans of women’s bags – in fact, sentiments were pretty evenly split between “I’ll carry a more unisex-looking woman’s bag, no problem” and “I’ll carry any women’s bag I happen to fancy, why not?” One guy even claimed to own four Birkins. So maybe that’s why it’s so hard to get your hands on an Hermes bag – all the dudes are snapping them up.

How to take good care of your Gucci Handbags

We stand for the maintenance of private property

One thing that should a woman has is that she should know how to take good care of her things. Maintenance cleaning is very important, of course some of us are getting tired when it comes to maintenance but we should put in our mind that it should be part of our daily activities. Like cleaning ourselves  which is part of our daily activities in life.  Fixing our things well will portrait that we are organize. Maintenance is just like you are prolonging the life of one thing like handbags which I believe allot of women doing this, so here are some tips on how you should take god care of your handbags from Gucci.

1. Wash hands after Gucci outlets with leather at the round-trip summary. And hand temperatures can accelerate the oxidation of color, but be sure to pay attention to keep the hands clean ah! This is a very important point! general with skin becomes pale Honey is the most beautiful. Gucci bags outlet faster way is to maintain after the bag with leather at the round-trip summary.

2. After the sun next to a clean white gloves, a clean flannel dust cover is also possible, and from the smear. But be sure to pay attention to keep the hands clean ah! a period of time, Gucci bags outlet will gradually become darker color. Do not use newspaper covers, will ink on a printed Gucci bags outlet, and can not handle!

3. Only the best drying Gucci Handbags, attention turned face, save uneven. Therefore, the general maintenance is to reduce this time, or they will protect well. Because the skin soft, and can secrete oil that can throw the most natural luster. Gucci Handbags will not so easily absorb the dirt and black dirty.

4. Part of the skin will be showing a deeper Honey and becomes shiny, then, you that Gucci Handbags are the most taste! will be more easily after a relative to take care of the. Completion of the maintenance Gucci Handbags, GUCCI bags will have to see how the match with the clothes, in order to better Fun luxury.

New Ladies Web

Simple but beautiful, Black is beauty

Bag Description:

  • black guccissima leather with black leather trim
  • light gold hardware
  • single non-adjustable strap with 7.8″ drop
  • snap closure
  • inside zip and cell phone pockets
  • 15.7″L x 4.3″W x 12.6″H

GG Running

One of the best python bag of Gucci which has antique brass hardware with leather lining and a double GG logo at the center of the bag which really looks pretty, a trademark of Gucci. This handbag has a double zip closure and has detachable shoulder strap. This handbag is pretty much better for Gothic women which can symbolize them that they are unique and strong.

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