Bag Description:

  • website exclusive
  • denim GG fabric with camel brown leather trim
  • light gold hardware
  • single non-adjustable strap with 7.8″ drop
  • zip-top closure
  • inside zip pocket
  • 15.7″L x 4.7″W x 11.8″H

Beware of Fake Gucci’s Hand Bag!

Most of us can’t afford authentic handbags especially Gucci’s handbag. Allot of Gucci’s imitation looks like the real Gucci’s handbag which I guess Gucci’s imitation are made by Gucci’s imitators :) . Here are some things to considered on how to know whether that your handbag is fake.  Here are some instructions from eHOW.


Visit the official Gucci website. Study the features, including the threads, colors, lines and any memorable aspects of the handbags. Take a hard look at the Gucci logo, paying particular attention to the curves of the font

    • Look for a heavy-duty dust cover for the handbag. A dust cover that looks and feels lightweight and cheap is an indicator that you have a knockoff or are about to purchase one.

    • Study the tags for spelling and grammatical errors. Many fake Gucci handbags will have inaccurate or misspelled information on the price tag. This is also true when shopping online–read all descriptions before buying.

    • Determine if the color is faded. Gucci knockoffs almost always have a faded hue.

    • Scrutinize the handbag logo. If the “G” looks more like an “E,” you probably have a fake. The E-like logo is the most common way to fake a Gucci.

    • Compare the stitching of your Gucci handbag to pictures on Gucci’s website. At this site, you can zoom in on pictures to study the threading.

    • Feel the bag. Authentic Gucci handbags are made from a high-quality, heavy-duty material. If you are hesitant about the material, you likely have a knockoff.


      Tips & Warnings 

      • Authentic Gucci handbags have tracking numbers embossed on the inside of the purse. This is the most foolproof way to check if the bag is real, but it is also the most difficult way.
      • Always remember that shopping online is a gamble. Even if you are 99 percent sure you are purchasing an authentic Gucci, you won’t know until that package comes in the mail.


What is the best color of Gucci’s Bag?

For me, the best color of Gucci is “Black” because black is not washable even it is dirty it doesn’t look dirty. Another is that black really rocks and most of the designs of Gucci’s bag that have pretty designs are black and most of black bags of Gucci’s are leather which I really love most.

What’s yours? comment here :)

What bag should you use when you are in the market?

For a woman who is in the market, it is good that you look fashionable even you are on that place. Being a woman being presentable is very important wherever you go. A perfect bag that a woman should use when she is on the market the  handmade Gucci hand bag   is made up woven handmade leather. This hand bag has two colors the white and the black one. For me, white looks that you have sanitation and black really rocks.

Vintage Web Collection

Bag Description:

  • light gold hardware
  • double handles with 3.5″ drop
  • adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with 20″ drop
  • zip-top closure
  • inside zip, cell phone, and pda pockets
  • cotton linen lining
  • 13″L x 7″W x 8.7″H

Gucci is love by many celebrities like Angelina Jollie, Hillary Duff, Jennifer Lopez and many other celebrities.   Some girls really want to looks like their favorite celebrities. So what they do is to  buy stuff that her favorite celebrities have. A vintage web collection of Gucci is perfect for a professional woman this handbag has an detachable strap. This collection can be use in any season. Perfectly made by Gucci’s designers so why don’t you have one of this collection?

Why Gucci is Unique?

I love Gucci!!!

Why Gucci is Unique?, Gucci is unique in ways that they have unique style of designs they use allot of subject to their products like (Python, Ostrich and leather) unlike some other products they are using linen instead of the said subject. They have the unique style of tassel that gives a little bit gladiator look which for me looks strong . They know how to manage different colors can play on it, nice.  They know on how or where to put the horse-bit which gives more prettier in their products. The straps comes in different design, it can be a hand braided or a style of belt and be detachable. The linings are perfect and packets were perfectly assembled. That is why Gucci is unique they make product that make their customer looks unique and fashionable.


Would I buy this?, that is one the question that many girls questions themselves. Probably they are wondering about on how will make sense if I buy this or they wanted bags for a collection, investment to make them happy. Girls really loves accessories and make-ups. Bags are one of those things that many  girls wants to buy.

Marrakech is simple pretty but looks luxurious, because of the light gold hardware and a camel leather which many gals really love. Leather is one of the greatest thing that a thing should have. Would you add it your collection?

Bag Description:

  • camel brown leather
  • light gold hardware
  • linen lining
  • double hand braided handles
  • flap and magnetic snap closure
  • inside zip, cell phone, and pda pockets
  • 18″L x 11″H




Gucci’s Evening Bag

‘Malika , comes metalic…

“Malika” evening bag with woven leather and tassel with metal G and leather monkev first details.

It is very important that when you are attending parties that you look good, more presentable, elegant and sexy. “Malika” from Gucci is perfect for evening parties it was like a ribbon hand bag that is very handy. I love the lining,and the metalic look of this handbag, for me metallic is powerful.

A Raccoon Fur on Gucci

Nice variation this coming “Ber” month, 5 months before Christmas Gucci designs a bag that is perfect for winter and that is a perfect to a furry blanket.  This handbag with a winter leaf color ostrich with raccoon fur, antiqued gold hardware, leather lining. This is too perfect, I love the color and the design one thing great about this is that it has a snap closure with an inside zip, cell phone, pda pockets which gives another factor that makes this design really nice.

New Bamboo Stud-embellished Leather Tote

One of my favorite designs of Gucci is New Bamboo, because it has finely details with bamboo at its tassel handier. Elegance would symbolize this kind of bag; the strap is pretty and pretty leather tote. This handbag is foxy the shape is perfect, it will great partner with black boots, leather leggings, leatherjacket with plain white sleeveless. Thumbs up for this design, really great

  • Weighs approximately 5.2lbs/ 2.3kg
  • Width 15″ / 37cm
  • Height 10″ / 25cm
  • Depth 5″ / 13cm
  • Handle Drop 5″ / 12cm
  • Min. Strap Length 19″ / 48cm
  • Max. Strap Length 19″ / 48cm
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